Cohutta Wilderness, Jacks River Falls, GA

A 5 Point Guide On How To Summer:

1) Beat The Heat! Whether you gotta rise before the sun to bake up some breakfast, hop in that sparkling creek full of cold mountain water, or take refuge in the shade of some tall Georgia pines find a way to escape the sweltering southern sun.

2) Get Lost! It’s not officially summer until you lose your way on the trail or in a park or on a back road somewhere. Summer is freedom and that means going where you’ve never been, seeing something you’ve never seen, and maybe even forgetting how to get back to where you came from.

3) Get Smelly! Summer isn’t the time for smelling like a bunch of flowers! Save that shit for spring. Summer means heat and heat means sweaty body odor. Let your BO be a testament to the miles hiked, the mountains climbed, and the rivers waded.

4) Stay Hydrated! Dip a cup in the stream, take an extra swig of water before you sip that whisky. Take a few gulps of water for every beer you chug. If you’re doing summer right you will have marked out point 3 on the guide and made sure you sweated out a nice stench. Replace those lost liquids a replenish your energy!

5) Feel Free! Summer isn’t a season its a feeling! Roll down your windows and feel the breeze, climb a tree and scrape up your knees, take spontaneous adventures while your days are free, lay down and look up at the clouds, get some bug bites and some poison ivy, feel the freedom of a kid during recess again.